Konichiwa from Japan and out of waist deep powpow!!!

We´ve been up in Hokkaido the last 9 days and have been super lucky with the weather and the snow conditions!!! The pow is super deep and the weather is great with sunny spells! The crew is super stoked and the output of pictures just great! Tons of gallery and even cover Shots! Wait until I´ll be back to show you ... :) ... Really stoked! It was my 5th time here now and probably the sickest!!!

Meanwhile just a short news about CK as he fucked his thumb during ISPO Railcontest. He had surgery the following day and they reconstructed his allignments in drilling 2 holes through the thumb and fixing them back where they should be. He was super happy, as you can see on the pictures, 3 hours later after the surgery knockout ;)

Right now he is filming with Yeah crew, consisting of Alex Schmaltz, Steve Gruber, Friedl and I think Morgan Lefeucher up in Whistler!