Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam European tour will come to an end with the championships taking place this weekend in Hoch Ybrig, Switzerland.

The tour has seen riders from Italy, Norway, Spain and all over Europe get together for a relaxed and friendly days’ riding.

The contest will see the top 3 riders from each stage of the tour competing for a place in the PBRJ finals in Mammoth, Nevada. As ever the competition is aimed at the youth with categories for the girls, under 15s and the 16s and over. The winner from each section will be flown to the US for the finals with the chance of winning $30,000.

Volcom team riders such as Cheryl Maas, IPOD and Markus Keller and others will of course be on the spot, riding, judging and entertaining the kids.

There will be a pre-contest meet and eat session on Friday at the City Bunker in Unteriberg but get to bed at a decent hour as Saturday is an early start.

Saturday kicks off with a 5am obstacle course but the contest itself starts at 11:30am. The usual PBRJ format will apply - 3 rails, a jam session and the best trick from each rail counts.

A barbecue and prize draw will round off the afternoon and those with enough energy left can head to the Bunker for celebratory drinks.

More event and qualifier details are at volcom.com

Words by Ross McTaggart