17-year old Torgeir from Norway has been on the Volcom radar for quite a while now. Ever since our distributor up there started raving about this kid a few years back, we put him on the family team, and it didn't take him long to evolve and progress onto the Euro team.

Winning the 2008 Sweet Rumble, and getting 2nd at the 2008 Tacky Christmas Invitational is impressive enough, but what really won us over was when Torgeir jumped off a nearly 60-foot cliff into a glacier melt-off lake in nothing but his shorts... (You can see this in the Euro Snow Family Team goes to Scandalnavia part 2 article HERE!!!)

Off snow, Torgeir seems to be a mellow kid who, kind of like a young Charles Bronson, speaks only when he deems it necessary. Even after firewater repeatedly gets thrown into the mix, Torgeir (in stark contrast to Scandinavians in general) chooses his words wisely.

Instead, he picks up a guitar, and does not give it any rest until the whole Scorpions catalog have resonated through it....

In other words, a perfect rookie for the Volcom Snow Team...

We cornered Torgeir over the Xmas holidays, and forced him to answer a couple of questions:

- Torgeir! Do you ever get confused with Torstein (Horgmo) since your names star with the same prefix, "Tor"?

Some people have actually asked me "Ooo man, are you Torstein Horgmo??" I haven't gotten it more than a few times though, but it has always been at a party of some sort. I think most people can tell the difference.

- Santa bring you anything nice for Xmas?

Guitar Hero World Tour! So I've pretty much been rocking a fake guitar all Christmas.

- Did you start the new year with a Bang?

A big one.

- What's on your schedule this winter? We know you'll be doing the Burton European Open, but have you got anything else lined up?

The BEO comes now in January, and after that nothing is 100% sure yet. I know I'll be doing my fair share of contests, and of course filming with a Norwegian film crew called Frosted Films. They have a good project goin' on.

- Have you got any of your riding on film out there?

Not much of the past few years, but the Frosted Films production will be published this fall, so check that out!

- When it comes to outerwear, what has been your favorite Volcom combo this winter and why?

I like the Bjorn V.Co- operative set, because I think the color combos are super nice and the fit suits me good.

- Alright, we should finish this off... Anything else, aside from that fact that you snowboard and play guitar better than most, you'd ABSOLUTELY like the readers to know about?

It's snowing as hell in Norway right now..

Thanks Torgeir, and congrats...