Volcom Entertainment is proud to announce the birth of the Volcom Ent. Vinyl Club (VEVC), a yearly - 6 release - subscription based split 7inch vinyl series, with the following artists scheduled to contribute songs in 2008; Birds of Avalon, Dark Meat, Earthless, Monotonix, Red Fang, RTX, Totimoshi, Turbonegro, Tweak Bird, Valient Thorr, Witch, and Year Long Disaster.

Turbonegro and Year Long Disaster will share the first 7inch release, which will ship to VEVC subscribers in February.

While most of the music industry is scrambling in a frantic - if not altogether existential - search for meaning in this modern age of shifting digital paradigms, we rather take a step back for a moment. Instead we intend to provide the “more than casual" fan with a piece that is timeless, tangible, and probably collectible, something that isn’t your run-of-the-mill bonus mp3.

Subscriptions are $30 for six 7inches to be released every other month and are available worldwide.


www.volcoment.com www.birdsofavalon.com www.myspace.com/darkmeats www.myspace.com/earthless www.myspace.com/monotonix www.myspace.com/rtx www.myspace.com/redfangpdx www.totimoshi.com www.turbonegro.com www.myspace.com/tweakbird www.valientthorr.com www.teepeerecords.com/bands/witch www.myspace.com/yearlongdisaster