We are proud to welcom VID "VIDU" BARIC, one of the most talented rider up there!

Here are some facts and infos on him.

Date/place of birth: 11.05.1988 Hand Size: ummmmm, large? :) Hometown: Rijeka Started Snowboarding in: 2004 Home resort: Platak, Dachstein I go riding with: Tribe Films crew and other worldwide snowboard bums

Sponsors: Warehouse Skateshop, ThreePi, FST handwear

Influences in snowboarding: all creative riders and production companies.. think thanks production as well as ero one.. these guys are supersick Inspirations in your life: girls. friends. snow. What do you like most about snowboarding? Spring sessions :) What do you like most about FST handwear? Soo sick gloves! I like the colours and variety of designs. Hobbies/other sports: skateboarding, partying and hanging around having the best time ever Music: electro indie Movies: Stack Footy, Whats poppin, all Isenseven projects as well... Special Shout Out: to my special friend Slepi, a great legend of croatian snowboarding and one of my biggest supporters. Thanks for all the help, Slepi!