To celebrate the wrapping up of another kick ass winter in the Vans Penken Park, Vans and Onboard will be holding the first inaugural Junk & Funk Session together on the last weekend of the season in Mayrhofen. 18 April 2009 Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen, Austria

Inspired by the happy times of long, hot spring sessions, this will be a breakdown trash-up of epic proportions and will combine regular hammers with slushed up mini-shred and the kind of junked out creativity a Womble would be stoked on. Riders will "compete" in a laid-back jam format while those wanting to get tan can chill at the BBQ or the Grillerhof Alm, find their own Funkenstein and check out the action. In the evenings we make party, hey, and tear the roof off the sucka.

For those not competing, there’s still a chance to get involved. The person who collects the most trash from the mountain as adjudged by our special Junk-ometer will win some goodness from Vans and Onboard!

So come, get on the Mothership with us, in what will be your last chance to bro down, ho down, yo down and throw down in the Vans Penken Park this winter.