Our homie Bruno Rivoire just hollered at us with news of a new event coming to France next week - the Fils Routain experience...

St├ęphane 'Fils' Routin is without a doubt the funniest rider ever, it's not a joke at all: Vans is proud to be associated with a rider who lived the snowboard explosion back in the early nineties and who still is hard as a rock on his board.

The purpose of the ''Experience'' is to gather the riders and photographers of different generations that Fils Routin has met during the last 15 years.

Join the party on January 30 to January 31 in Les Karellis in Maurienne station. Les Kardellis, a real little pearl of Maurienne, offers huge riding potential and fits perfectly with our vision of the mountain.

The program is secret, all we can tell you is that some SNOWBOARDING is gonna happen!!!

Will the 20 riders and 10 photographers invited survive the experience? Shout out to Wise Ride, Bruno & les Karellis for the organisation.