Tyler Chorlton is on his first trip to Alaska with a crew of fellow Pirates. Here's what's been going down...


After trying to deal with the lack of snow in Europe, Fichtl, Arthur, Carlos and I made the 26 hour journey to Anchorage AK, to hook up with Pasha for a 3-week sled trip to find winter snow again.


But our excitement had to be suppressed for 2 days because, as usual, our luggage didn't make our flight... then got lost... But eventually the airline company sorted its shit out, 4am delivery... I had to stay awake for... they arrived! Then at 7am the next morning it was time to boost!


We drove a couple of hours to the north with the Russian/Alaskan dude of all dudes, Sergey, who hooked us up big time! When we unloaded the sleds the view of the mountains was insane!


After a half hour sled ride of showing our sled skills to the Sergey (yeah right!) we found our first spot. Shit was amazing! Thank you AK! And thank you Sergey for the shuttling!


Session over we decided to scope out further into the valley, we were sledding over some enormous slides that had come down some days before and the place made you feel very small. When you spot a feature in AK you realize once you get up close that its about 5 times bigger than you previously thought and that if you hit it you'd probably die or even worse...


The end of the day was approaching fast and to save a 2 to 3 hour drive back to Anchorage we stayed in a Lodge close by.

Next morning, sore as a bitch we unloaded the sleds once again. On the way in we spotted a zone we had missed the previous day sessioned that instead to going deeper into the valley and feeling like micro-ants...


Some shots in the bag for everyone, stoked, time to head back to the city to recover while the bad weather passes over and dumps its dump.

Stay tuned for part 2 and more Pirates blogs...