Filippo Kratter and Stefano Munari admiring the Pyrenean skyline © Matt Georges.

Yeah this is a bit of a crazy news but it's all true: Artouste and Porte Puymorens in the French Pyrenees will be open Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, historical!

We just learned that one resort in the West side of Pyrenees, Artouste, and another one in Catalunia, Porte Puymorens, have decided to reopen a few lifts for the week-end, which is an event unheard of at this time of the year. With all the rain and cold weather Europe has experienced in the last few weeks, making this 2013 Spring one of the coldest in history, this is probably the most incredible climatic event of all. And another reason why this 2012/2013 winter will stay in the books as exceptional in term of snow quantities.

After seeing a weather forecast of 1 meter of snow in 72 hours - it is snowing up there right now as we speak, responsible of the two resorts took the decision to offer a couple of pistes of their domain at the price of 15€. So if you didn't have enough of your winter, or if you're just bored of the rain in the rest of Europe and need a vengeance, this is the best way to get it out of your system! Go out there and shred the extra ball!

More info on Artouste website and Porte Puymorens website.