„The Squad“, Völkl Snowboards´ pro team, is upgrading for the upcoming season with two new shooting stars. Besides Marc André Tarte, Alex Schmaltz and Chris Kröll Claudia Fliri from Austria and Loui Purucker from New Zealand are new in the Squad Team. Claudia was promoted from the Pro Sistaz and Loui from the SQD Youngstars to the international Völkl Snowboards Pro-Team.

Claudia Fliri climbed the ladder and is now „First Lady“ in the Völkl Squad because of her excellent performance from the last season. The lively girl from Tyrol proved that she is in her best form by finishing second three times at big contests like the X-Games, the NZ and the U.S. Open, as well as finishing first at the Big-Air from the Garnier Fructis Australian Open and the Chevy U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix.

The 21 year old New Zealander Loui Purucker is now the youngest member of the Squad. He is not only impressing with his easy riding style but also with his personality. If you ever had the pleasure to speak to Loui, you were probably speaking English with him, and were surprised that this Kiwi can speak fluent German. The reason is his German mother and an English speaking father.

Irrespective of his mother-tongue Loui demonstrates his qualities in his interview with the Snowboarder NZ and with coverage in various UK Snowboard Mags. Loui already got his own video part in last year’s Völkl Team DVD. Furthermore he was filming with the Swiss Yeahh Production and watch out for his part in this year’s „Fat Gipsy Production“ from Austria. The recent highlight of Louis career is his first ad in the Transworld Japan magazine.