A horse shoe, a shark, 4 nations and some solid shred.

Finally the weather was with us in the Tourmalet area of the Pyrenees! A day with no wind and no nasty clouds was enough to get our Swedish crew motivated. Did they read our first report on the Twisted Tricks Maybe… Kalle Ohlson opened up the icy main jump, followed in his attemps by Sörman and Wilhelmsson.


The Swiss-German crew composed of Swoboda, Smolla, Weber and Keller also had some joy on the horseshoe (named in reference to the shape of the twin table), as did our hard working Frenchies – yes, I said that. Coin Coin loved a bit of switch back in his 5s and 7s, as his confidence returned at the same time as his eternal face mask. Local hero Mathieu Crepel showed up, he even took the jump once despite his freshly operated thumb, before heading off to some arty handplant shoot with photographer Jerome Tanon.


Lunch was served on the spot – thanks to Ho5 – with some delicious and local lomo meat sandwiches, when Coin Coin prefered to perform some gnarly euro turns on the most old school board and set up we’ve seen in years. That’s also when the wind decided to come back for some fun. So no hitting the shark, or the wave, depending on how you wanna call it. The crew took the direction of the slopes for some mini shred on the local park, for the full pleasure of the tourists – mainly Spanish at the time of the year.


The German crew will still hoist the flag of the Twisted Trick tomorow (Saturday), while the other riders will be called to other obligations. Let’s hope the weather will be friendly again, and if not, we take this opportunity to thank the infamous Ho5 crew, the resort, Nike 6.0 and Florent De Maria for the good times in the Pyrenees.

Adichat, as we say here ! Let’s hope the German-Swiss crew, for his first time in the Pyrenees, will find some waves on their way to Hossegor… Smells like springtime around here, eh ?