The Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour has teamed up with the technical safety gear specialists at TSG for the next three years. The TTR is founded on delivering riders the best competition experience possible, from concept, to design, to execution. Everything that goes into the Tour is for the riders and for the benefit of snowboarding. It was a natural course to team up with TSG, who specialize in protection that riders would actually want to wear. The result is a special edition TTR Gravity helmet and support by TSG of the World Snowboard Tour.

Although the TTR does not enforce the use of safety equipment we are proud to have TSG Helmets on board states Swatch TTR CEO Drew Stevenson. The TTR caters to the needs of our riders and to their own personal progression in snowboarding. However progression needs Protection!

Since 1988, TSG has produced original helmets for skateboarders. In 1999 however, they made the first crossover into snowboarding and havent looked back since. At the end of 2005, TSG was taken over by Ruedi Herger and they relocated to Switzerland. Ruedis long experience in snowboarding and engagement with TSG results in a strong push of their snowboard program. Recently, Herger and Stevenson agreed on a partnership that coincides with the Tours focus, snowboarding and its riders.

We are stoked to partner with the TTR World Snowboard Tour for the following years, says Herger. We have always been a big supporter of this rider driven organization, as this is our understanding of what snowboarding is about. This exciting partnership not only allows us to push our snowboard protection program in the right environment, but most importantly contributes to the safety of the participating riders.

For next season, TSG has developed a specific TTR edition of their stylish and durable Gravity snowboard helmet. The helmet features the Swatch TTR logo and a low and snug fit design. The helmets mold also follows the physical curves of your head, with the front, back and sides of the shell specifically designed to keep the helmet on your head, while maintaining absolute comfort, no matter the circumstance. Already, pro riders Gian Simmen and Iouri Podladtchikov have their own signature models!

The partnership of TSG and the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour will lead snowboarders and the tour into fresh direction enabling the successful combination of safety, comfort, style and progression into one unique package. The TTR looks forward to its bright future with TSG.

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