When: 10.04.2010

Where: Avoriaz, France

TRICKS4KIDS-Preview-1 copie

The French über-resort of Avoriaz is about to board the often neglected charity train. On 10 April, they will be hosting the Tricks for Kids event. According to their press release it is a one-of-a-kind charity freestyle contest. All profits will go to Human Rights Watch. From what we can tell this sounds like a great idea. Read on for some more details on the whole shebang:

The aim is to allow teenagers to develop their freestyle, in a warm, relaxed atmosphere, so it is nothing like one of those prestige competitions involving professional riders which often put younger competitors off. The contest is open to amateurs, and also aims to raise awareness amongst the participants about the problems which many children all over the world have to cope with.

As a result, all of the profits made by the event will go to the “Human Rights Watch" NGO. It promotes human rights and has many initiatives designed to help children whose rights are not respected.

Registration is €10 per participant. All of the proceeds will go to Human Rights Watch. There will be prizes, donated by the resort's partners, to be won at the end of the contest.

The riders will be divided into 2 categories: the 12 - 15 (junior) and 16+ (senior) age groups. Each category will include girls and boys, all mixed up together. The competition will take place as a jam session, so participants can choose how many jumps they want to perform. At the end of the qualifying rounds, the panel of judges made up of professional riders will choose the five best performers from each category who will qualify for the final.

The event will take place in a friendly, party atmosphere; it will be hosted by a DJ, and there will be a barbecue and drinks available.

You can register at the tourist office or even up until 11 a.m. on the day itself.

More information from lisa-at-demonium.ch.