After two years of development with team riders extensive testing, it's time to launch Transform Gloves for 2009.

Transform Gloves was born in the UK With our inspiration drawn from a love of the grey overcast streets of London , sunshine of the Tirol valleys, and the beer halls of Oktober fest. Believing that as with the skate industry, good products can not only come from Europe but also be more relevant to our scene, Transform gloves offers a European twist in a largely US dominated industry showing that we can be more on point to the end consumers in our Euroloveland.

Boasting a limited edition first run sold only to core shops that matches our ethos, Transform Gloves is set to be on fire so search it out. With a European team including Tyler Chorlton, Joonas Mustonen and Britte Van Der Pouw featured in the new Pirates and Isenseven movies, Transform Gloves will be on all the finest hands this coming winter

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