Unbelievable as it may seem, but Torstein Horgmo apparently stomped the first triple cork for the cameras. No more words needed, check out the video!

Well, just for posterity, here's an approximation of the conversation when this dropped through...

Sami: "What, nooo. There's this mail saying Torstein stomped a triple cork."

Danny: "Open it then. I don't believe it. Has anyone ever landed one?"

Tom: "That Nils Arvidsson got close at the Oxborn Session but don't think anyone's put one down."

*video loads and we see Torstein chatting to the camera*

Sami: "Ahh, it's gotta be a joke. He'll hit something small and do a backspin or something."

Tom: "It'd better be funny then. Setting himself up for a fall..."

Sami: "Yeah, it's a joke. Look at how they're panning like it's something really special."

*Torstein rides past the camera and it cuts to a shot of a real flesh and blood kicker.*

Danny: "Uh oh. I think this is real."

Tom: "I don't know if I've seen Torstein do a double cork actually."


Sami: "How many axis did he just spin round then?"

Tom: "That was fucking mental."

To think we were joking about this a few months back. Snowboarding, Torstein just tore you a new arsehole.

Taken from Torstein's website www.torstein.net.