Torstein Horgmo, a man who has recently been making a successful bid to own snowboarding on the internet, has unfortunately suffered a bit of a spanking in California while shooting with Standard Films.

As the translating machine says beneath this video of Torstein's slam: "Here it goes completely wrong on the giant jumping."

Horgmo had had a couple of warm up hits before he decided: "Screw this, I'll just send it to the soft landing on the other side." Sadly a) he got bucked on take-off and b) the landing was far from soft. "I didn't even leave a dent in the thing!" he joked.

Although he seems in good spirits in the video, the Norwegian press report that Torstein "broke four ribs, got a tear in the lung, and also suffered a concussion in the fall."

Hopefully the recovery will be smooth and fast. Get well soon homie!