Glory, fame and fortune were on the line today at the US Open Snowboarding Championships, where the world’s top riders battled for five different prestigious titles, two Volvo C30 R-Designs and cash awards worth a total of $471,500. Today’s big winners were 2008 BGOS champions Torah Bright (AUS) and Peetu Piiroinen (FIN); 2008 US Open halfpipe champions Torah Bright (AUS) and Shaun White (USA); 2008 Men’s Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion Kevin Pearce (USA); Volvo Most Valuable Riders Cheryl Maas and Shaun White; and 2008 US Open big air champions Cheryl Maas and Tim Humphreys.

Finnish rider Peetu Piiroinen, who has never won a major title in his snowboard career, said, “I never thought I had a chance to win the BGOS title. I just cannot wait to call my family in Finland – they won’t believe it!"

Cheryl’s overall performance at the event earned her the Volvo. “I’m super stoked, I was just about to sell my old car and I never thought I’d have a car this nice," said Cheryl about her Volvo win.

Kevin Pearce also had a big day as he took third in the US Open halfpipe competition and was crowned the new 07/08 Men’s Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion, earning $50,000.

After the big air competition, Grammy-nominated heavy metal band Mastodon heated things up with a free show on the concert stage at Stratton’s main base area from 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Be sure to catch the 2008 US Open halfpipe, slopestyle and big air action on NBC, Sunday, March 23 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. EDT. Webcasts and highlights of the competitions will also be available for on-demand viewing once the event is over on

2008 Burton Global Open Series Male and Female Champions Men

Peetu Piiroinen, FIN, $100,000


Torah Bright, AUS, $100,000

2008 US Open Halfpipe Final Results Men

1. Shaun White, USA, 91.00, $20,000

2. Mason Aguirre, USA, 84.00, $10,000

3. Kevin Pearce, USA, 82.17, $5,000

Zune Halfpipe Best Trick Scotty Lago, USA, $5,000


1. Torah Bright, AUS, 84.17, $20,000

2. Kelly Clark, USA, 79.33, $10,000

3. Gretchen Bleiler, 74.50, $5,000

Zune Halfpipe Best Trick Torah Bright, AUS, $5,000

2008 US Open Big Air Results Men 1. Tim Humphreys, USA, $10,000

2. Chas Guldemond, USA, $5,000

3. Torstein Horgmo, NOR, $2,500

SoBe Sick Trick Award Chas Guldemond, USA, $2,500


1. Cheryl Maas, NED, $10,000

2. Claudia Fliri, AUT, $5,000

3. Spencer O’Brien, CAN, $2,500

SoBe Sick Trick Award Cheryl Maas, USA, $2,500