Sometimes things get lost in translation between people that speak different languages.

But when we asked Will Lavigne to list his top 5’s, the first thing he was ready to do was tell his Top 5 Cavan (Rome team manager) stories, then we had to cut down the 15 Cavan stories he had to make it fit the “Top 5" format. Give a read for his version of the stories and some of the other things he holds in high regard.

Top 5 Shred Spots:

1. Battle field rail, QC 2. Peak to creek, Whistler 3. Logan, Utah 4. Fernand Seguin park, QC 5. Revelstoke, BC 6. Breckenridge, Keystone, Colorado 7. Anywhere with a good crew turn out good.

Top 5 Vacation Spots:

1. Home 2. Anywhere with no phone/computer 3. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica 4. I can spend a lot of time in a skatepark feeling in vacation 5. Anywhere you can find waves.

Top 5 Cavan Stories:

1. We got stuck 200 miles from Reno and 250 miles from Vegas in the desert after his truck blew up. 2. Marie and I got him to be vegetarian for 6 months for $200, he did it. I have nothing against vegetarians but I don’t know many people who would do it. 3. The whole time we were filming Any Means and No Correct Way he was wearing shoes to film, even when it was -40 out. He likes pain… 4. Everytime he comes to Canada his credit card gets cancelled because of his stupid bank. They cancelled it once because he did too many transactions from St-Hubert. He loves it. 5. He knows how to tell someone to fuck off in French: Vachieyaaaaaa. He’s also able to sing opera while saying it!

Top 5 Songs to Shred to:

1. Atlas - Battles 2. NYC transit - Akhenaton 3. Rush – Talib Kweli 4. Secret recipe – Wooley 5. Zigane – Oxmo Puccino

Top 5 Places you have been:

1. Gwyneth lake, BC 2. Squamish skatepark, BC 3. Tigne, France 4. Puerto Viejo beach, Costa Rica 5. First time I was on Whistler glacier when I was 14. I wanted to live there.

Top 5 Moments with Rome Team:

1. The Magic Bus Tour. 2. Camping in Montana 3. Van trip across Canada 4. Big Bear for the Team Shout Out 5. Sledding in Revelstoke.

Top 5 Rome Gear:

1. Artifact 150, Mod 156, and Agent 154 2. Rivington Jacket, the puffy 3. 390 bindings 4. Duke Mitts 5. All of the caps

Top 5 Movies:

1. Really Sorry 2. American Beauty 3. Salo 4. Ray 5. Blood Diamond

Top 5 Shreds you Respect:

1. Louif Paradis 2. Alex Cantin 3. LNP 4. Greg Desjardins 5. Ben Bilocq