Johnny Lazz has been shredding with Romefor quite some time now.

To say he’s got energy could be an understatement. There are pretty much two things you can do when a kid like Johnny is bouncing off walls, you can get some heavy doses of Ritalin to mellow him out a bit, or you can strap him onto a board and let him wreak havoc on the mountain. Luckily for us, he’s on the second plan.

Top 5 Shred Spots: 1.Northstar at Tahoe 2.Squaw Valley 3.Mammoth 4.Bear 5.Mt. Seymour

Top 5 Vacation Spots: 1.The Deathstar 2.Costa Rica 3.Cabo San Lucas 4.Dylan Alito's moms place 5.Lake Tahoe

Top 5 Songs to Shred to: 1.Akon, Smooth - Thug Jamaica 2.Carlos Santana - Paranoid 3.Black Sabbath - Check Your Self 4.Three words – Coldplay, Coldplay, Coldplay 5.Pretty much anything Will Smith. (It should be noted that Johnny only gave us 3 songs, so we made the last 2 up.)

Top 5 Moments with Rome Team: 1.Rome House! 2.Magic Bus Tour 3.Non-stop laughing touring Canada on Fu-Gnar 4.Back yard Park at the Rome house 5.Being a part of Rome since I have been 13 is more than amazing!

Top 5 Rome Gear: 1.Artifact 1985 - 147 2.Agent - 149 3.390 Bindings 4.The Overhead Bag 5.Romex

Top 5 Movies: 1.The Boondock Saints 2.Blow 3.Donnie Darko, 4.Euro Trip 5.Into the Wild

Top 5 Shreds you Respect: 1.GiGi Ruff 2.Eiki Helgason 3.Seth Huot 4.Pat Moore 5.All my hooligans I call friends - Alito, Neri, Rutland kids, Joe Kearney, Greg Bretz, and everyone else I forgot

Stay tuned to as well as for more updates on the happenings of the SDS.