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Snowboarding lost one of its founding fathers yesterday as Tom Sims passed away at the age of 62. Condolences to his family and friends, and thanks for snowboarding.

We never met Tom Sims but one thing is certain - snowboarding and skateboarding owes him a huge, huge debt. He made more than one member of the Onboard crew think snowboarding was awesome before we even knew what it was – he was, after all, the guy who made James Bond look cool in A View To A Kill.

His influence on shaping the development of snowboarding and skateboarding is hard to overstate. As one of the three men widely credited with laying the foundations to what the sport has become he, amongst many other snowboarding milestones, created one of the first snowboard companies, Sims Snowboards, lobbied hard for the sport's acceptance at a time it was routinely outlawed and supported a raft of groms who went on to become some of the defining riders of a generation, or two.

Rest in Peace, Tom. And thanks for everything.