ThirtyTwo and StepChild launched just for the upcoming ThirtyTwo StepChild Video.

Talking to ThirtyTwo main man Brian Cook at ISPO, this anticipated 2-year movie project looks set to redefine how snowboard movies are put together and distributed. The premise being not only will it showcase some of the heaviest hammers from the ThirtyTwo and Stepchild teams (including JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Markku Koski, Joey Sexton and more), it will be the first shred flick that will be put together with the interaction of the viewers. Basically, you'll get to have your say on the name, vote on what edits get used and be involved in the whole process way more than ever before. "We don't want 70,000 downloads, we're looking for 7 million," confided Cook, and with the hype that's bound to be surrounding Uhh Son then that's certainly attainable.

Teaser 1 is already on the site, so tapdance your way over and check it. The movie will be a free download in September 2009. Stay tuned to for more developments.