You’ve seen the first trailer and now prop open your peepers and check out round two. Seconds away…..

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After many late night editing sessions, cut shots, and reliving the magical moments, Think Thank is almost set to release our fourth video Thanks Brain! It’s said that the human mind is the single most complex structure in the known universe and in “Thanks Brain!" we pay tribute to this. “Thanks Brain!" is a celebration of brain power, were the physical meets the mental and progression is reached through creativity. This year the weird are weirder, the sick are sicker and the cones are bigger than ever before. See this season’s snowboard adventures through the minds-eye of Sean Genovese, Lucas DeBari, Brett Butcher, Jesse Burtner, Gus Engle, Nick Visconti, Mark Thompson, Scott Stevens, Dean Barbier, Pat Milbery, Andre Spinelli, Johnny Miller, Ben Bogart, Blair Habenicht, Matt Edgers, and Jed Hoffman. Pushing boundaries, and enjoying snowboarding, this is Think Thank.

“The human brain is a most unusual instrument of elegance and as yet unknown capacity." Stuart Seaton

Expected release date: Aug. 1st 2007

Thanks Brain!