OneCall X-Elements will host the first annual Andreas Wiig Invitational on April 3-4, 2009 at the Vestlia Resort in Geilo, Norway.

Wiig has invited some of his favorite riders including; Torstein Horgmo, Tobias Karlsosson and up-and-comer Gjermund Baaten to compete in a Big-Air Contest, winner takes all. The lucky winner will walk home with $15,000 and bragging rights as the winner of the inaugural Wiig Invitational.

The jump, a true table-top is designed by Andreas, consists of 2000 sqm of snow and is 75 feet in length. It will allow the riders to go huge and the fans will be astounded as their favorite athletes launch themselves into the night air.

The after party is sure to turn some heads, with Swedish hip hop star Timbuktu and metal band Torch set to perform on stage. The initial Andreas Wiig Invitational is shaping up to be a contest to remember.