It has been finalized! All the teams that will compete at Oakley's Jib-Vid are set and ready to go. The organisers were blown away by some of the entry videos that they have recieved over the past couple of weeks. The quality of some was very up to par with professional standards, showing that people from all around are very stoked on the event and keen on participating. The promising amateur and wildcard entries generated excitement and simultaneously put a little constructive pressure on the invited teams and last years winners. The win is going to be up for grabs this year for sure. Any one of the teams that are participating has a realistic chance of winning the competition. The Jib-Vid website has more information about the teams and previews of the attractions to come. If it is of interest: you also have the possibility to check out what music tracks are at the team's disposal in the jib-vid soundbank

Two more weeks are left till the contest goes down in Mayrhofen, Austria on the 27th-29th of March. Let's hope that it dumps in the near future, so that the riders are presented with a pristine white canvas onto which they can let the creativity unfold. Let it snow! More Snowboarding Videos >>