The crew went shredding before heading to Munich!

At the Ä booth were the new Ästhetiker Snowboards Gruba Libre‚ and the new Ästhetiker Streetwear collection. The IOU mega miniramp was on for the first time so you get to see skating at its finest plus the usual ispo madness! Go to to check it out.

On Friday 28th of March the next show will go live: The 'Äsmo Powsurfing Project.' Watch Wolle and Steve green surfing and skating powpow with their handmade powsurfers.

The Ästhetiker Jam - Wängl Tängl 2008 was on last week and it was niiiiice! Check: The tellÄvision crew is working 15 hours a day on the documentary of the whole event; the show will be online soon.

The party is not over yet! Next weekend, from 21st to 23rd of March, the Shreddown in Westendorf is on! Check to see what‚s up. Eöh.