A young and up-coming rider from Vermont who also rides for Eesa Clothing and Gordini name Travis Limoge has agreed to ride for The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company. Travis has been riding for eight years, spends his winters in Tahoe riding Alpine Meadows and will represent The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company for the years to come.

After many years bouncing from AM team to SEMI-Pro… Travis has landed a spot on Snowboarding’s most fun pro team. He joins Jeff Johnson and Ralph Samson as a venerable newcomer to Lucid Notion, but will likely school the both of them in up-coming competitions and video spots.

The kids in charge were contacted by one of Travis’s other sponsors (Eesa Clothing) questioning why Lucid Notion did not have a great rider from Vermont on their team. After the pressure became a little too heavy, Lucid Notion’s owners and other riders agreed to add the Vermont Prodigy to their team filling a sincere void in their East Coast representation.


Thanks…. now everyone go out and have a great season!!!