You already might be aware of the fact that some riders in our sport are represented by sports agents and some are not. This is about two who are. Look at it as a sign how our sport is changing.

Dotinc Management, Europe’s leading action sports management agency, has signed the Icelandic sensations Eiki and Halldor Helgason to it’s roster. The Helgason brothers have been taking the snowboarding industry by storm this season with their amazing video parts, progressive rail sliding and technical freestyle riding.

Eiki (21) has no less then three video parts this year. You can see him featured in Pony Tale - the free for download Action Horse Films, Notes Factor Films and in Rome SBS’s film No Correct way where he has a career changing closing section.

Younger brother Halldor (17), who just agreed on a long term program with DC Snowboards, has amazing video parts in Action Horse Films Pony Tale and in Notes by Factor Films.

“We have followed Eiki and Halldor’s development over the last years and we are really excited to start working with two of the biggest talents in the snowboarding world. The Helgason brothers are very complete riders that master rails better then any other rider out there, but they are also really progressive in the park and out in the back country" comments Kristoffer Hansson, Managing Director of Dotinc.

“Many people in the snowboarding industry told me a lot of good things about Dotinc so it was an easy choice for me. Dotinc have helped me with the big transition into the global Rome SDS team. I think it’s nice to have the support" says Eiki.

Halldor comments: “I think its so cool to have the backup when it comes to the business side of snowboarding. It’s not easy when you are new to it all and just want to go out and ride. The people at Dotinc are super nice and they have been around for a while so they knows exactly how it is!"