We at Onboard are going to be throwing a little soiree at John's Club in Garmisch on 8th of March following this years GAP session. Everyone is invited to a night of mayhem accompanied with epic techtonic-electronic-bastard-porn-full-on-balls-out-beats from one of Vienna's finest underground Dj's:Mase! Don't be afraid, don't be petrified! Have no second thoughts about going into your closet and rumaging through it, till you have found your best dancing shoes! They can be of leather, latex, rubber, styrofoam, hell, you can show up with no shoes at all if that's your thing! To all of the overtly motivated; please reconsider your pick of the glitter shoes. Birkenstocks, if anyone still wears them, are also legit in our book!

So yeah, have a beer, or two, or ten with your shred buddies and reminisce about what went down only a couple hours ago in the Olympic Stadium. We think that it's safe to say that some next level shizzle will be going down at the session. Mos def!

The entrance fee for all parties of the night will be 6 Euros (shuttle service included).

Party start: 10-10.30 pm

Mase's regular club nights!