Regarding competitions, it is fair to say, that the Flow team has been having a killer run. Looking back at the last couple of weeks in snowbaording competitions, there is not a single major event where at least one of the Flow team members acended the podium.

Let's start off with the O'Neill Evolution QP contest in Davos early this year where Risto snagged second place in both the Half and Quarterpipe contests.

Then Petja Piiroinen got 3rd at the BEO Slopestyle event of the Juniors in Laax. Later in that week, his team mate Tim Humphreys also got 3rd in the Pro-Slopestyle contest.

We then move on to the return of the Air&Style to Innsbruck (soooo stoked about that!), where Scotty Lago turned some heads rocking the massive QP with huge Alley Oop 7 Indy's, which for us were the trick of the night.

The road to global dominance in the competition circuit then culminated at the Toyota Big Air event last week (Feb 9th), where Antti Autti took 1st, followed by his team mate and fellow Finn Risto who coming in second.

The marketing managers at Flow are must be loving it. Now they have even more evidence and results, which they can throw into the marketing campaign! If your riders are killing it in comps, then you as a company must be doing something right in regard to the functionality of your products. Righ? Right! Go Flow!