Nightjibbing, a diverse set up and successful contests brought the O’Neill Alpspitz Park in Nesselwang a fantastic first season.

After having been moved from the Fellhorn to Nesselwang, the Alpspitz Park saw a fantastic season on which both organisers and shapers are proud to look back to. Especially popular with the riders was the park set up that changed several times during the season. But also the opportunity for nightime jib sessions lit by floodlight was well appreciated and a whole bunch of shredders frequzently stayed in the park late to practice. Once a month live beats by the Drunken Masters were added to mix up the nightjibbing with a bit of a after work chill out party.

International contests like the 5ive BBQ and the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam brought lots of excitement for spectators as well.

Next season the park will be improved even further, the set ups will change even more, there's going to be more partying and also the contests will be bigger next year.

So watch out and check