Well the Burton Open as been and gone for another year and despite high winds messing things up slightly the riders still managed to put down tricks of the highest stanndard.


Final placings were decided from the two semi-final runs with Mason Aguirre (USA) taking out the men’s title and $5,000 prize money. His winning run included a boardslide followed by a tailslide 270 off the high bar into a backside 7, followed by a frontside 9, finishing with a frontside boardslide. “He nailed it on the rails showing a lot of control," said assistant head judge, Ste’en Webster. “Plus he went big off both jumps, seemingly unaffected by the conditions."

In the women’s event, Jenny Jones (GBR) won first place with a tailslide on the C Box, followed by a 50:50 180 out on the high bar followed by a backside three, followed by front side three and 50:50 on the final rail. Her execution through the entire run was faultless, also earning her $5,000 in prize money.

Mountain dew seem to be the first up on youtube


Mitch Brown (NZE) and Torah Bright (AUS) are men’s and women’s halfpipe champions in the fifth annual Burton NZ Open at Snow Park NZ today. Brown is the first New Zealander to take out the prestigious halfpipe title in the history of the competition. He was the highest scoring rider in the semi-finals when his combination of tricks, from top to bottom, the most technical run of the semis. Going into the finals, his first run was not up to his previous standard putting him in seventh place. In his second run, the weather set in with wind and poor visibility but when others were giving up, he kept going, moving up into third. Saving the best until last it was his final run that put him into first place. Featuring a frontside 900, followed by backside 540, frontside 1080, Haakon flip, frontside air backside 900 to an Allyoop inverted 540, the run scored him 93.25, putting him clearly ahead of second place winner, Scotty Lago (USA) with 88.0.

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