In the snowboard sense, London is known for the Red Bull Rail Storm that happened like two years ago. Other than that, Zilch! No worries though! The British Snowtour is hitting London’s Olympia following the Metro Ski and Snowboard Show on the 27th of October! The event format is an invitational Quarterpipe event who’s winner gets a Free Pass to the Brits 08, if he/she wins the on point only one run super final. Super final, why do they have to call it super final. Oh……’s the super run, that was super fun, this super sucks. Anyway enough digression. The party will be going on at Stephard Pub, who’s doors are opening at 9 PM. Good news for moochers; you don’t have to pay entrance! However, you do need to buy a raffle ticket, where you can win a Free trip to the Snowclub UK (SCUK) winter bash.

Competition Schedule and Confirmed Snowboarders and Skiers: 16.30: Qualification - British Snowboard / Freeski Quarterpipe Championships 18.45: Final - British Snowboar Quarterpipe Championships Snowboarders: Dom Harington Gary Greensheilds Jamie Nichols Sparrow Knox Ben Knox Kevin Mills Chris Bratt Luke Paull Matt Gibson

For tickets check out the Metrosnow website

Also check out the info on the Brits 08