London Streets are paved with Gold for British Champions.

Huge inverts, 900’s and the legendary wake’n bake, were among the tricks of choice being thrown down at the British Quarterpipe Championships on Friday 26th October at the Metro Ski and Snowboard Show, London, Olympia. 20 of the UK’s best freeskiers and snowboarders were invited to compete and showcase their tricks in front of a crowd of thousands with the hopes of winning the British Quarterpipe Championship titles and a FREE holiday out to the BRITS 08.

The qualification round kick started the competition, with each rider getting two runs to impress the judges, before going through to the final, with the top 2 skiers and snowboarders then going through to a one run super final. The younger competitors including, freeskiers, James Woods, Josh Fawcett and snowboarders, Jamie Nicholls, Cody Hierons and Sparrow Knox, were pushing the limits throwing down a selection of 900’s and Mctwists, whilst the likes of snowboarders Dom Harington, Gary Greenshields and freeskier Andy Bennett, were reaching some crazy heights out of the quarterpipe.

British Snowboard Quarterpipe Championships The prestigious TWO STAR TTR Event, witnessed riders pulling out all the stops during the snowboard final, with Gary Greensheilds going huge with a big backflip to fakie. Dom Harington was also on top form with some super stylish frontside 720’s, Jack Shackelton also going huge with impressive cripplers and Mctwists, whilst Jamie Nicholls stepped it up by attempting a Mctwist 900. Sparrow Knox, who had been trying to land a Mctwist 720 throughout the competition, landed a super clean one, giving him top spot in the two man final. Not to be out shone by his 14 year old brother, 19 year old Ben Knox claimed the remaining spot in the super final after landing a big stylish Mctwist. The battle of the Knox brothers commenced in the one run super final, with Ben showing Sparrow some brotherly love before dropping in to hit the quarterpipe first. Ben stomped a big Mctwist, and the pressure was on for Sparrow, who was the youngest rider in the competition. Sparrow pulled out a big Mctwist 720, but slightly sketched out on the landing, giving Ben the advantage needed to take the British Quarterpipe Championship Title and the FREE holiday out to the BRITS 08.

Snowboard Results: 1st Ben Knox, Crouch End 2nd Sparrow Knox, Crouch End 3rd Dom Harington, Leeds 4th Jack Shackleton, Bracknell 5th Jamie Nicholls, Halifax 6th Gary Greensheilds, Edinburgh 7th Kevin Mills, Dorset 8th Cody Hierons, Chatham 9th Luke Paull, Glasgow 10th Chris Kightley, Tamworth