Due the good cooperation of Arbor Europe and ispo – The Sports Community will install as a fest for the eyes for all skateboard and superior photography fans an exhibition “Art of Longboarding" in hall A2 in the Boardsport Lifestyle Segment.

Entitled "Art of Longboarding - nature and urban recreation" the 12 finalists of the longboard-design and photography competition will be presented in a show. Artists from all styles are called up to design the base of the Arbor Bamboo Pin new. The theme to be considered is “nature recreation". The fundamental idea is – nature recreates, what people developed and left again.

In the run up to the ispo winter 2008 European traders will elect 12 finalists. The winner of the Longboard Design Competition will be voted in the Spacejunk area. He/She will get an own Longboard Pin, media presence and 3% of the earnings of the limited edition Arbor will produce according to his/her design.

Works for the photography competition should thematically deal with urban recreation. The fundamental idea is: Longboarding in consistence and fusion with the city – urban recreation. The 12 finalist will be voted again in the run of the ISPO 2008 in an online voting. The winner of the Longboard photography contest will get an Arbor Long– or Snowboard of his choice, media presence and his work will be published in our partner´s print magazine. Closing date for both, the Longboard Design and photographs is the 06.12.2007. Designs and photography has to be submitted on CD to: Arbor Europe, Nürnberger Str. 19, 91207 Lauf. For any questions left, artists please contact info@arborboards.com or phone: +49(0)9123-9626022

Good luck!