Snowboarder over 30 gets pro model - Shock! Horror! But hang on, this is Terje Haakonsen we're talking about. The man's one of the most influential riders snowboarding has ever seen, invented the Haakon flip, flipped the bird to the Olympics, was instrumental in establishing the TTR... the list goes on. The man's a legend.

Terje's been backing the Skullcandy earcans from pretty much day one and now gets his second pro model design. These headphones look pretty slick to us, based on the sleek Agent model, and feature some viking skeleton riding Terje's iconic sword from his Haakon pro model board back in the day knocked up by in-house design fella Brandon Christenson.

So if you're on the lookout for some new headphones, have a look over at skullcandy.com and check the specs.