A match made in heaven.

After packing his bags and moving on from the Forum stable, all-terrain slayer and wangster Travis Kennedy has found a new posse to ill with in the form of the Technine crew. TK adds to the already burly lineup of MFM, Lucas Magoon, Simon Chamberlain, Chris Bradshaw, Derek Dennison, Dylan Thompson and Jonah Owen and is pumped to be draped in the ghetto fabulous outerwear, rocking the boards and bindings and is already busy bagging bangers for the upcoming FODT movie.

This is what the T9 bros, and TK himself, had to say...

“T.K. is really hyped up this season and the whole crew is stoked to have him on the program. He is a great addition to the Technine team as well as to the FODT movie," said Cole Taylor of Technine and FODT films. “T.K. is hungry and ready to get out there show people what time it is."

“I can’t wait to shoot photos of T.K. out in the backcountry this year," Technine founder and photographer E-Stone says. “Kids think T.K. is this crazy jibber but the truth is he is super well-rounded and destroys the backcountry as well as the streets. I have been a fan of Travis Kennedy for years! I can’t wait to see what he pulls off with a Technine under his feet."


“I’m hyped to be working with the whole Technine fam. It feels good to get a fresh start with a company that is my style 100 percent. I back everything about Technine and now they have my back in return. I’m ready to work hard and kill it with one of the sickest crews in snowboarding. I’m just getting started!" says Travis.

There's no doubt that T9 and TK were born to be together and we look forward to what 'The Kid' comes out with after this winter's shooting. He's been out in Tahoe, California working hard with the FODT /MFM and friends crew putting together what he calls "the best video part of his life." Look out for the new film dropping this fall.

Technine has been making snowboarding products since 1993. Web wade to for more info.