After a bunch of teasing, Switchback Bindings have finally come clean and let us know what they're all about. Check the video and read the whazup...

SWITCHBACK BINDINGS are here! Switchback bindings bring a modular approach to the game where you decide on your binding components. Choose your parts, choose your colors, then put them together in just a few minutes without the need for tools. That's right, no tools! The only time you'll need a screwdriver is when you screw them to your board.

One of the best things about Switchback Bindings is that it's now possible for everyone to experience the fun of no-back snowboarding. You can switch out your highbacks for our no-back insert in just a few seconds and switch back again just as fast. Ride some speed laps on the groomers with a highback in the morning, then switch to no-back for some surf pow lines in the afternoon. Hit the big kicker line with highbacks or cruise the jib line without to add some skate flavor to your riding. Or don't even buy a highback and do it all without. Switch it up, switch it back - its all good!

Instead of having to buy a complete setup in a certain colorway. You can now customize your own. Don't want forward lean? Don't pay for it! All of our components fit our baseplate - and this is just the beginning.

Don't let the simple clean looks decieve you, Switchback bindings are packed with smart features like:

- Tool-less foodpad adjustment - get to your disc fast!

- Smart basepad that gives you cushioning where you want it but precision where you need it and reduces the amount of hard plastic in direct contact with your board.

- Tool-less strap position adjustment.

- Tool-less natural pivot forward lean adjustment on the FL Highback.

- 2 way strap adjustment on both straps - get centered with any boot in seconds.

Next season Switchback launches in four components and several options.

1. The base, which comes with the mounting hardware, basepadding, two sets of disks (1 set with offset holes for smaller or bigger feet), extra ankle strap pins and no-back insert.

2. Toe and Ankle straps including ladders and ankle strap pins.

3. Footbed padding/disc cover in 2 different styles. (ST Pad and a Jib Pad with extra cushioning)

4. Highback in 2 styles - the ST Highback and the FL Highback which is pre-rotated and has tool-less natural pivot forward lean adjustment.

All of these components will launch in 5 color-ways for the first season. Matte Black, White, Red Dawn, Agent Orange and Blue Algae.

Switchback Bindings will be dropping in stores at the start of next season. Meanwhile make sure you are facebook friends to catch all the upocoming updates such as the Helgasons Pro Model releases, the online binding builder and Switch Dice app updates (

Switchback bindings are strapped into by our international team of shreds:

Eiki Helgason

Halldor Helgason

Ethan Morgan

Ryan Paul

Gulli Gudmundsson

Kevin Sansalone

SWITCHBACK! You might like it...