So how does it work?

  • Register here, download the design template and get creative.
  • Create a graphic design expressing 'Progression & Style'
  • Submit your artwork online before 27th March 2012, midnight (UTC time).
  • The uploaded designs are displayed in the gallery and can be shared through Facebook.
  • A jury evaluates the artworks and invites 3 nominees to the Swatch Art Rules Night where the final winning design will be unveiled.

The Prize

  • YOUR personal creative look on the TTR World Snowboard Tour Trophy 2012/2013!
  • YOUR design on the official Swatch Tour Watch 2012/2013!
  • YOUR moment of fame on stage at the Swatch Art Rules Night!
  • YOUR creative holiday: 2 weeks in New York City including travel costs, accommodation and pocket money for 2 people!