Our brothers of other mothers across the pond at Think Thank have emerged from the long, dark nights of the edit with the finished version of their new movie, Stack Footy, and will be having a super pre-premiere premiere at Mount Hood.

Think Thank bozzbozz Sean Genovese dropped us a line to say: "Hey everyone .. the flick is done and if you're in or around Mount Hood in the next few days check out the super sneek peak premier. Thanks for all the support!!!"

If you're lucky enough to be in the Hood, err, hood, you'd do well to go check out the latest offering from the creative whackos that brought you Thanks Brain. If not, you'll have to make do with watching the Stack Footy teaser on Onboard TV till the film drops this autumn.

And you can also watch the myriad of mini Moment Stack teasers from their rider roster. This is the list so far. Click to check that mutha:

Matt Edgars & Blair Habenicht

Bryce Lowell

Jed Hoffman

Andre Spinelli

Scott Stevens

Pat Milbery

Chris Larson

Jesse Burtner

Ben Bogart

Mark Thompson

Johnny Miller

Gus Engle

Austin Hironaka

Nick Visconti

Sean Genovese

Chris Beresford