The last month I spent surfing in France and Spain, together with my Elan-teammate Conny Bleicher and the first ten days I was with my boyfriend Alvaro. We stayed in a little apartment at the VVF Club in Capbreton. I won this stay at the Intergirlactik contest.

The waves were pretty good for his time of the year. We went surfing every day and now you really don’t wanna mess with our guns....haha.

Next Conny and I went to visit some friends in Anglet and Hossegor. After we went to Spain, to a camping site next to Bilbao where some friends already waited for us. We also went into town and checked out the Guggenheim museum, which is some of the most impressing architecture I have ever seen.

Next week my summer is over, i am heading to New Zealand to get some shred time.

I am so much looking forward to the next season and I really hope that it snows a lot!



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