Summer Freestyle in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee has once again opened its gates for the summer season! Snow conditions are not too bad, but the climate warm and the snow very soft, which makes it quite hard to shape as we want. But the parkteam is not giving up! Since the opening 5-7 July the crew gives its best till all things are placed properly.

Superpipe New for this summer is that we are grooming the superpipe the whole season through with the Swissmade Pipetool from Zaugg. The advantages are: an even bigger pipe with longer radius.

But be aware! The pipe will close when the park staffs consider the snow conditions too soft!!

Girliecamps The opening weekend was also the start for the girliecamps. Active freestylegirls are shredding our rails and kickers in the summer park. Get registered HERE

Icegrotto Sass-Fee In the biggest icegrotto of the world you can see a new exhibition with pictures of the old Saas-Fee, rescues from a crevasse and much more.