Stylewars presented by Oakley - the most renowned snowboarding event in the Southern Hemisphere is ready to roll! The event runs over the next four days with 45 invited riders from around the globe riding a massive specially built park at Falls Creek resort Australia.

Among the competitors that arrived yesterday was last years winner Torstein Horgmo from Norway who is stoked on Stylewars unique event format. “I think the comp is better than most for sure because of the big jam style format. There are pretty much no boundaries and people can just do what ever they want, at what time they want so there’s no pressure in that way, that’s why it’s better than most comps I go to." Torstein said.

The unique format is a gruelling marathon-style jam session of freestyle mayhem. Two, one-hour sessions are held daily over the three competition days (one day for weather). Amoung this schedule is a 28-stair night rail competition presented by Volvo to be held on Wednesday night under lights.

Event organiser Richard Hegarty said, “This will be the best year for the event to date, the course is better than it has ever been, the forecast is to be sunny the whole time and the riders list is the best line up this country has ever seen… The course is designed to be progressive so the riders can really push their riding rather than just the standard tricks. I think the standard of riding is going to be a lot higher than Australia has ever seen before."

The course set-up, which so far consists of a huge 90-foot step down kicker followed by an 80-foot gap/step over jump was given the ‘thumbs up’ by all the shredders today. The perfect groomed snow conditions gave the competitors a chance to throw a few tricks and get the feeling back for big jumps. Matts Kulisek from Canada was giving it a good sending with a slew of 900’s and seven combinations that lead the charge on the warm-up day and proved that the standard will be high.

The next 2 days are forecast to be typical sunny clear Aussie days and should ensure the shred-action will roll out.

Included within the Stylewars event is a strong line up of music events and parties that run every night of the event for riders and public to enjoy. Confirmed music acts are: Scribe (NZ), Bliss&Eso(AUS) and Katalyst(AUS) Featuring RUCL.