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Storbis teaser and Finnterview

Storbis is coming!!! This time they are bigger, better and downright slicker than ever, with Issue 91 of your favorite snowboard magazine bringing it direct to your door at the end of august.

click on the lovely logo at the bottom of the page and be transported to a world of Euro shreddery like no other. featuring the man with the best frontboard in the buisness mr Eero Ettala along with fellow rippers Jukka Eratuli, Janne Heiskanen, Ali Toppinen, Janne Korpi and Teo Konttinen to name a few.

Read on for a few words from the Movies Producer and editor Rasmus Tikkanen and one of the movies standouts Eero Ettala

Hard day at the office!


1. This trailer looks amazing has there been a conscious effort to up the ante when it comes to capturing the action?

Yes for sure, there always has been an effort what comes to filming, but we focused on that especially this year, because of new equipment we finally could afford. Thanks to all the sponsors! Hopefully though, this is just the beginning, and a kind of new era in snowboard videos, where smaller productions force the bigger ones to develop in an unbelievable way, and the opposite way as well – smaller get better.

2. With growth in the use of cable cams etc, was there pressure to develop?

No pressure really, just a feeling of satisfaction! It’s so lame to just stand there with a camera in your hand or on a shitty tripod. So when you get to hassle around with dolleys, cablecams, special lightning etc. you feel like really doing something, not just pushing the record button.

3. How many guys helped with filming? Did more guys mean it was harder to control quality?

We had 4 “freelance” filmers this year, big shout out to Keppi, Stenholm, Marko and Miikka!
Those guys helped out a lot, since there is so much other hassle and not allways enough time to film. But more guys, more different equipment, more different visions…it´s a two piped sword,
but we will do the best out of it!

4. Has the soundtrack got any euro techno this year?

Hell yeah! There is always a place for euro techno!!! In a different way this year though…

5. Who is the standout in this year’s movie?

Probably the little rookie hobbit Teo Konttinen, sick rail riding of course..But also Janne Heiskanen worked hard again this year! And Eero will have an interesting part aswell, since
we got to join some MackDawg rail sessions, and tell a story about that.

6. When the weather is perfect and you stand there with a camera and cold fingers, don’t you just wish you were riding?

Yes!!! And often just about then I throw the camera in the forest and go riding. Just like that…
Well, that happens not too often though…I just try to enjoy the scenery and my work that happens not to be that bad!

7. With the ever growing online distribution network do you think the DVD is dead?

No, I don´t think so. People are materialists, and they like to own something. Of course the sales numbers of DVDs and CDs will decrease a lot, since everyone can´t afford them, or just don´t care about the genuine stuff. But I think there always will be those people who like to hold the covers and the discs in their hands and collect them.

8. Who is your favourite production company?

Hmm…Paramount pictures…they produced Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio!! Hehehe…
I don´t know really. Probably MackDawg because they really have a talented crew!

9. Have you visited any new places this year?

Yea, I made a trip to Japan with Jukka. Never been there, so it was really interesting and super fun! Japanese Head snowboards team manager Tetsuo, was our guide, and it was just perfect! No
hassle at all, just following the leader and enjoying the ride! Thanks go to Head snowboards!

10. what are your plans for next year?

Next year, next year. We´ll see, but for sure stepping it up again with filming and execution.
And hopefully the guys can step it up with the riding! Chill the entire summer and let the innovation and imagination come!!

Happy birthday Janne

Searching for enlightenment

Storbis crew going underground

Eero Ettala

1. When filming for different crews how does the atmosphere differ from the big budget productions to riding with your friends?

Well even filming with MDP i get to ride with my friends so it is not so much different. But of course riding with Storbis it is easier to be a bit more laid back and just have fun! It’s actually so cool with Storbis that I get to ride with the buddies I grew up riding with, the all rule!

2. Do the big boys get priority over your time and footage?

Yeah I kind of have to plan my season the way MDP is filming, so I try to find time in between to film with Storbis, pretty sad but that’s the way it is.

3. Do you sometimes wish you could just forget filming maybe get a job as a dish washer and ride for yourself?

Well sometimes, but not too often, ha ha. Sometimes when nothing really is the way you wanted and you feel like everything sucks…but then that one day that everything works out, just turns it around again!

4. Who is your favourite rider of all time?

Well Heikki has always been pretty on point!

5. The word is you are nursing an injury, when you are unable to ride through injury, what do you like to spend your time doing?

Well answering this kind of questions on internet, ha ha, nothing else to do really! I still try to stay as much involved with snowboarding as possible!

6. Do you think people should wear helmets when riding rails?

Well everybody should know what they are doing, and if you feel like you should wear a helmet then you definitely should be wearing one. You got to know your skills for sure.

7. When attempting massive front boardslides the length of the slide must give you time to think, how do you ignore the fear? (if there is any)

the biggest fear is when you are standing on top of the drop in ramp, but once you drop in you forget all that and just concentrate on what’s ahead of you!

8. Do you still get excited to see yourself on video?

Yeah, for sure, it is still really cool, but it’s definitely not as cool as when my first video parts came out. Most of the time when the movies actually come out, I already hate my footage and know that I could have done better…but that always keeps me going for better stuff.

9. Did you visit any new countries, resorts or mountains this season and which was your favourite?

I got to go to New Zealand and that was pretty wicked! But, being home is the best, hitting rails in Helsinki, nothing beats that!

10. Which was your favourite trick or line of the season?

It is always hard to name just a one trick. It’s usually not the hardest tricks that gets you the most stoked. It’s just the feeling of the clip.

11. Do you ever have creative differences with filmers/editors (they think a trick is dope but you think it should go in the bin/or the other wayround)

Yeah all the time, ha ha. It’s good now when people are filming more digital, so you can check the shots after doing em. so most of the time I check my shots and filmers are like that was perfect, and i am gonna be like “i will do it again”.


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