Storbis Films is back with their new project - Storbis "SHOPFLOOR" (2008).

Already in progress, the SHOPFLOOR movie will be the best Storbis movie on the planet! What the hell, it will be the best Storbis movie in the galaxy!

With the new crew and all the new equipement the movie might even win the "Storbis Awards 2008", with 1 movie competing from all over the globe.

Why SHOPFLOOR? "Shop floor" is an English term for ordinary workers a.k.a. the part of an organisation where the work is actually performed rather than just managed. We´ve worked at construction sites, kitchens, pharmacys and factorys.

Now we film snowboarding 24/7 and we aren´t scared to get our hands dirty!

We are the ordinary workers. We are the SHOPFLOOR.

The SHOPFLOOR movie will be available with Onboard Magazine #101, and for sale in selected stores as a Limited Edition DVD Box.

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- THE Storbis SHOPFLOOR crew