Our Bulgarian homie Hristo just dropped us a mail about his crew's new project - Stinky Socks. Keep your feet comfy and plant a tree. Check the skinny...

This Earth stinks! / Is the Earth stinky enough? Plant a tree with each Stinky Earth socks you buy

Do you want to change your entire way of living? Do you want to stop traveling, stop having fun with friends, stop buying clothes and stop using your car because you want to do something for this planet? Well, we won’t so why should you?

Stinky Socks and Ride for Earth teamed up for a great collaboration to present you how you can keep your lifestyle and enjoy life while being green. They created a product that allows you to leave your green impact on earth. This is the specially designed sock called Stinky Earth. It provides you not only with comfort and style but with a great way to plant a tree of your own. It’s simple – each time you buy a pair of Stinky earth Rider, Ride for earth plants a tree.

The collaboration between Stinky socks and Ride for Earth is inspired by the idea that by supporting young athletes in following their dreams, people can be environmentally friendly and also have a lot of fun.

Ride For Earth has helped lots of people plant a tree for every board, ski, bike and ride they own. Focusing on snowboarding, skateboarding, surfinng, wakeboarding, skiing, mountainboarding, sandboarding, other boardsports, MTB, BMX, Freestyle MX and more, RFE encourages riders to do something good for the environment. Young athletes from around the globe have joined the cause of Ride for earth as part of their team, as friends or partners. For more information about Ride for Earth, visit: rideforearth.com

Now Stinky Socks join the initiative to find and gather people who care, share common interests and are ready to do something for the planet.

Stinky Socks is a young brand devoted on the idea of encouraging boldness, fun and creativity in the everyday life. It’s inspired by the spirit of difference even when it irritates or challenges limitations. It’s a brand for those who never stop but always remember that having a good time is more important than proving you’re the best. This collaboration between RFE and Stinky family will encourage young and active people to become trend-setters, to support and share this environmental project, and to really make a difference.

For more information about Stinky family, visit: stinkyfamily.com or facebook.com/StinkyFamily

Stinky Earth is designed to provide all the necessary comfort. The long ribbing supports the sock to insure maximum strength and fitting. The fabric has been treated with the typical Stinky antiseptic and anti-moisture technique so your feet stay fresh and clean. Buy buying Stinky Earth you not only continue to enjoy your favorite sport or style, but you also help the Earth to deal with the CO2 we all produce.