Being a pro shred in this fast paced snowboarding world, one starts getting the occasional cold shudder when reaching an age of 30. Let's face it, the companies of today are constantly pushing the young talents in the hopes that one of em will eventually become an uberpro. At the same time the companies start decreasing their support of older riders. So, the air starts to get thin, when one reaches a certain age where one is deemed as non-marketable. We think that that is just plain rubbish. Just because a rider is starting to get old, doesn't mean that he fails to still inspire! Come on! This is where we get to the protagonist of this post; Steve Gruber. Steve's slowly rotated 5's and 3's beat any ballerina 10! The backcountry lines that he rips down, are all carefully picked out, and require the knowledge of where one has to go. Put any 20 something up on a proper mountain and he will shit his pants!

All these facts that you just read above, all make us that much more stoked that the Swiss outerwear company Eleven have sealed a deal with one of the true and original Aesthetiker's. Eeeeeeeööööööööööööhhhhhhhhh!

Happy Days!!!!!