StepChild Snowboards in partnership with Utah based Mobile Rider have teamed up to bring you the all new StepChild Snowboards Media Page on our website.

This will bring about a long missing element to the StepChild Snowboards website", says StepChild owner Sean Johnson, "Up until now, we've relied on YouTube and our other media partners to get our videos and teasers out there, now we've got an easy way to release clips at our leisure throughout the year, we can offer downloads of our past videos and clips too. Next week we'll start putting up all of the parts from Child Support, if anyone still cares about that flick!?"

The Mobile rider player comes equipped with great sharing options including the ability to forward to your friends and even embed the clips directly on your own site, a crucial function in today's web savvy world.

Right now the player includes all of the now infamous 'StepChild Saturdays', a partnership between and StepChild that saw an exclusive video clip released each Saturday on the TWS site. Plans for the future are to slowly release Child Support video parts as well as unseen footage from the 2007 video project.

Also in the works is a quick 12 minute video project/team highlight reel which will be available for download later in 2008, keep your eyes on the StepChild Media Page and blog for more info.