On Thursday, January 9, Burton pro riders, Burton dealers and media dropped in on the new Stash at Flachauwinkl to celebrate the run’s grand opening. Dmitry Fesenko, Marko Grilc (SLO), Chris Sörman (SWE), Stephan Mauer and Sani Alibabic were all there to break in the new Stash.

Here’s what Burton’s Global Resort Director Jeff Boliba had to say about the Stash at Flachauwinkl grand opening: "Have you ever dreamt of shredding a run that had everything from banked wall rides, rainbow logs, jersey jumps, cliff drops, log slides, pillow drops, bridge jumps, stumps and a rideable saloon? Well stop dreaming and start riding the newest Stash run at Flachauwinkl!"

The Stash is really about bringing snowboarding back to its roots by creating a run that uses the natural features that the mountain offers. An added benefit of the Stash is that it is more ecological because it uses natural elements and materials found on the hill. But the real drive behind it is to inspire people to get creative with their riding by using the natural features that the mountain and woods offer.

Making a Stash run in Austria was a goal from the beginning as Burton’s European Headquarters have been based there since 1986. Flachauwinkl’s reputation of being a progressive freestyle terrain with killer big mountain riding made it the ideal location for the latest Burton Stash.

The Flachauwinkl Stash run is one of the most creative of the Stash runs. It has unique features and an endless amount of lines to keep riders discovering new ways to shred the mountain.

Thanks to the Harml Family, the driving force at Flachauwinkl, for their incredible support of the new Stash.