World premiere of TB20, Standard's landmark release, goes off at the 'best venue in the world'. Check the pictures - hell of a spot for a premiere...

Standard recently held the world premiere for TB20 at the 'Snowboard on the Rocks' event at Red Rocks in Morrision Colorado. The spot's unreal and has some proper history having hosted bands from The Rolling Stones to The Beatles. If ever there was a spot for such a landmark premiere, this was it.

A crowd of over 7,500 people showed up to see the riders send it on the silver screen and meet them in person before and after. Dudes who showed up to party on were Kevin Jones, Sammy Luebke, Blair Habenicht, Mark Carter, Xavier De Le Rue, Lonnie Kauk and Mathieu Crepel. Standout moments were Halldor Helgason's opener, Kimmy Fasani's backcountry attack, the return of the original Totally Board rider Kevin Jones and his powder freeride assault including the triple flip, Gjermund Braaten kicker destruction and of course Mathieu Crepel's closer with a solid mix of Freestyle riding ending with Big Mountain lines in Alaska. Xavier De Le Rue also got some of the biggest cheers when he rode down the ice water fall to end his part. That was pure madness.

Anyway, check the shots. All photos: Jeff Nass.