Ever wondered how they come up with Easter on a complete different date every year? This is how it is calculated: Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first Saturday after the first full moon after the equinox. It's as easy as that. The Spring in the Park crew must march to a similar beat, at least their event happened to take place just over the Easter break, too. Going all astronomical payed off, though, as over the two weeks of the camp roughly 300 to 400 riders visited the Terrain Park Zugspitze near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany.

The park was specifically shaped for this occasion, and the riders made good use of the many features. They could work on their rail and kicker skills and take part in the coaching sessions with K2 and RIDE pros. K2 and Ride also offered gear to test, which was yet another perk of making your way to Garmisch. During both weeks, daily photo sessions took place. "The level at the coaching and the contests was really high", snowboard pro and camp supervisor Sebastian Kuhn said. "We had a lot of highlights like the Red Bull Best Trick, the RIDE Bigairbag, and the Rookie Contest, and we had a lot of sunny days


Concluding the first week of SPRING IN THE PARK 2010, the RIDE Bigairbag was the first highlight of the camp. More than 50 participants (including some 8-year-old rookies!) jumped into the huge air cushion in the landing of a kicker and practised new tricks at low risk. On Tuesday, April 6, the Red Bull Best Trick Contest went down. The riders had to show innovative tricks at a big old gas tank. At the snowboarders’, 20-year-old Kevin Kraus from Diessen am Ammersee (GER) won with a Backside 360 to 5-0.

The Rookie Contest on Saturday, April 10, 2010, was the final highlight of SPRING IN THE PARK 2010. Any non-sponsored rider was allowed to join in this jam session. Despite unsettled weather conditions, more than 60 riders took part. Due to heavy winds, the kicker session had to be cancelled and only the rail session was judged. 17-year-old Michael Miethig from Geretsried (GER) took first in front of Kevin Kraus and Raphael Weber from Diessen (GER). Ramona Fuchs, 19, from Munich (GER) was the best female snowboarder. Michael Miethig convinced the judges with a Cab 270 Frontboard at the down rail and was stoked: “Everything worked out fine for me and I stuck all my tricks quite safely."


The winners were rewarded with snowboard sets by K2 and RIDE as well as lift tickets for the Zugspitze. After the prize-giving, the K2 and Ride snowboard coaches pleased all those who hadn’t managed to enter the podium tossing t-shirts, caps, rucksacks and other goodies of their brands into the crowd. And at the K2 party at Garmisch’s Lodge am Hausberg in the evening, the riders danced it all away!